High Quality Translations

It's imperative a translator respects the voice of the original material while adapting the text into something that reads natural, as if a native speaker had written it. This is something at which I excel. Not only am I a native Spanish speaker and writer, but I am also a natural English speaker and writer. In fact, I do what few translators must. I write and speak both languages every single day and have for years. This extends me the unique ability to grasp the linguistic and extra-linguistic characteristics of each.

I offer direct and reverse translations for Education, Fiction, Localization, Marketing, Medical, and Nonfiction among other source materials.

Direct Translation

A translator takes a source written in a foreign language and rewrites it into their native language. This is the simplest type of translation and what most translators do.

Reverse Translation

A translator takes a source written in their native language and rewrites it into a foreign language. Few translators can manage a good reverse translation because of the idiomatic demand reverse translations place on a translator.

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My per-word pricing is less than the cost of traditional agencies and benefits my clients in that it leaves them more money to drive sales.

  • No additional costs
  • Competitive pricing


Fifteen years of experience along with being a natural speaker in English and Spanish means I get work done quickly and professionally.

  • English/Spanish Translations
  • 10K+ words translated weekly


I take my clients no less seriously than they do their endeavors. Always feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

  • Available via e-mail
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