I'm an international award-winning writer who lives in Spain with my wonderful American husband (he's also a writer). When we take a holiday, which is rare, we sometimes vacation in the States, other times in lovely Europe. Apart from writing, I'm a full-time translator and proofreader. I typically spend my days typing like I'm crazy, totally submerged in whatever work is at the top of my task list. When not working and writing, I read. I've loved books since I was five years old, and currently average over one hundred books a year.

My BA is English Studies, and my field of expertise is Literature. Much of my Creative Writing Courses occurred at Oxford University in the UK. I rather miss England. But why wouldn't I? I'm a huge fan of Jane Austen.

An unbridled passion for Literature is what makes me successful at literary assessments and proofreading whereas my love for English and Spanish is what makes me a success at translating. Initially, I learned English on my own as a child. Later, I studied it throughout school, including university. I was so adept with English by the time I met my husband, his family had difficulty believing I was Spanish.

Cinta Garcia